More Is More: 3 ways to nail Maximalism

Maximalism done well is not chaotic, it isn't about filling every square inch of your home with stuff, it just hints at it.

It is more about the art of combining colours, prints, and eclectic collections. It is deliberate curation and believe it or not tidiness.

1. Tell a story with colour and pattern

The foundation for maximalist design is colour and pattern but there’s a simple trick to prevent your maximalist interior turning into madhouse mayhem.

Keep your colour palette tight, focus on 3 or 4 colours that work together, add in a contrasting pop to make the room sing and don’t be afraid to layer colours. If you love pink (and quite frankly who doesn’t) don’t stick to the same matchy matchy shade go tonal and play with different but complementary shades.

When it comes to pattern mixing you have to tell a story, both in terms of colour and design. Pick a hero print that you absolutely love and build from there. Link the prints by using your edited colour palette and ensure your patterns can be friends (if your hero print is a giant floral, complement this with other nature inspired prints, don’t be afraid to play with scales and mix it up with the number of colours each print uses.

2. Surround yourself with things you love

Find things that make you happy. Collect pieces that are special to you. Don’t walk away from something you love! Make it yours.

To keep your interior from looking too random tie it all together by referencing back to your colour palette.

Maximalist decor lets you show off your personal taste, hobbies, and lifestyle, without giving the “rules of decorating” a second thought. Display your treasured objects for an inviting space that’s uniquely you.

3. It doesn’t have to be perfect

Just relax. Maximalism style works best when it’s imperfect. While your decor should have unifying colours or patterns, there is absolutely no need to stress over matching furniture or eras.

Do think about comfort, add texture with multiple cushions and throws, Layers upon layers, upon layers. You get the drift.

Maximalism can be practical! Once you have curated and displayed your treasured objects each piece will have a home, so everything is easy to find.

Above all have fun and remember if you love your space and it fills you with joy then it’s perfect.

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