Mood Enhancing Autumn Colour

Colours and emotions are closely linked. Colours can make us feel happy or sad, and they can make us feel tired or energised. These reactions are rooted in psychological effects, biological conditioning and cultural imprinting. The way different colours can affect emotions depends largely on a colour’s brightness, shade, tint or tone and whether it’s cool or warm toned.

As the seasons change the way we respond to colour also changes. Let’s take a look at Autumn; the nights are drawing in the clocks have gone back and for many of us this can be a tough time of year, so how can colour help?

Surround yourself with warm colours they will nurture and energise you getting you through those dark short days. Key colours to use are Red, Orange and Brown they all add energy to your mood.

Red is the most dynamic of the warm colours. It is often associated with passion and love. It can increase a person’s heart rate and make them excited but use it as an accent colour too much can be overwhelming creating tension and anger.

Orange enhances feelings of vitality and happiness. Like red, it draws attention and shows movement but is not as overpowering. It’s balanced, it portrays energy yet can be inviting and friendly.

Brown creates a sense of stability and support. It’s warm and friendly, practical and dependable, some might see it as old fashioned, but this colour is definitely enjoying a renaissance at the moment and is beginning to challenge grey as a new interior neutral.

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