Kimono weaving

Vintage kimonos remade with love

Kimono UK


Taking inspiration from the Orient LifeLovesBeauty creates unique “one of a kind” home accessories for style hunters looking to make every day extraordinary.

Upcycled from vintage Kimonos every piece is a slice of history and has a story to share.

Life Loves Beauty celebrates Rarity, Authenticity and Individuality.


Our collection is not mass produced, but hand made in the UK. We only work with vintage Kimono and Obi fabrics sourced directly from Japan; this means the quantities we can make of each item are truly limited. In some cases, there may be only one ever produced. Every piece is made to last and not for landfill.


Woven into every Kimono and Obi are auspicious symbols and motifs. At LifeLovesBeauty we want to share the meanings behind these with you and the history behind each Kimono we source. 


Don’t settle for the everyday, we believe in carving out your own niche, celebrating your individuality, being fabulous and fearless, embracing the joy that comes from surrounding yourself with colour and decoration.


jakki pay creative director lifelovesbeauty


I’m Jakki the owner and creative director of LifeLovesBeauty, I have worked as a designer in the fashion industry for over 20 years I have been lucky enough to travel the globe predicting and creating the latest trends season after season but this quest for constant consumption led me to reflect on why this constant need for the new, this throw away culture?

I still love fashion but wanted to create something more unique, more authentic, something that would stand the test of time, something beautiful that would be treasured for years to come. 

Sourcing vintage kimonos and obi’s directly from Japan, I re-make and re-imagine them here in the UK creating beautifully crafted new pieces that will add glamour to any maximalist sanctuary.

Buy now and treasure forever.